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Resources to support the small business owner

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Want the way to grow your business? Sell high-priced programs and services and not feel bad while doing so.

As an experienced business consultant, marketer and visual designer AKA helps you craft your service into high value products that fill a void.

In the Business Project, We work through your business strategies, how to deal with leads and close new customers without the doubt or avoidance of price. Automate your processes with an online portal to secure leads while they are hot.

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Wanting to figure out the world of online marketing?

We go through the common social media myths and mistakes so many others make. You’ll learn about advertising templates and ad formulas for creating approved and successful Ads.

Discover how to get in front of your audience for the right price, craft your irresistible offer, write high-converting social media  Ads and learn how to turn a find a clients pain point to get them to convert into a sale!

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